Client Testimonials

"As a STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer, I have had the pleasure of knowing Kara Duval for the last 1.5 years.  She has a highly professional yet extremely approachable and patient manner that makes her an excellent instructor.  As a trainer, Kara utilizes key principles of training and coaching to lead her clients to measurable results.  Her energy of teaching is extraordinary.  I have no doubt that Kara will be successful in whatever she takes on and will continue to inspire others with her dedication and passion." - Rie Sakamoto, Toronto, Canada

"I think Kara's most impressive qualities are her versatility, consistency and passion no matter what she is teaching.  There are few instructors that can bring the fire and entertainment to all classes they teach, but her commitment to giving a great experience is always a priority.  Kara has a level of excellence that genuinely shines through and it is felt by all." - Eliza Shirazi, Founder of Kick It by Eliza

"Before trying Pilates, I had never been able to stick to a particular type of exercise. I got bored or dreaded everything. I decided to take introductory Pilates reformer classes with my friend, since we were both looking for something different. I immediately was obsessed! Kara taught one of our private classes and right away noticed certain things about my body that needed specific help and modifications, like my curved spine. I'd never had that kind of one-on-one help before! Since September, I have taken Kara's classes multiple times a week. The classes are always challenging, different, and fun. Kara gives great cues, is patient, and works with with every person like it’s a private class. I have seen such an improvement in my posture, flexibility, and strength. I couldn't recommend Kara's Pilates classes enough!" - Kelsey Gaughan 

"I first became interested in Pilates because of my horrible posture and constant neck pain.  I wanted to find an instructor who would get to know my body and be able to help me advance in ways where I could see changes in how I felt every day.  I also needed an instructor who would make classes fun but challenging.  I cannot say enough good things about Kara.  She is energetic, funny, motivating, but also knows her stuff and explains exactly what muscles we are using with each exercise.  I love the way she focuses on breathing into the exercises and provides the proper cueing techniques ("hug into the lats”) to help us get our bodies in proper form.  Most importantly, she is fun and outgoing which makes attending 6am weekly classes a little easier! I can’t thank her enough for helping me improve every week!" – Jessica Peditto

"It has been almost a year now that Kara has been my Pilates (and Barre and Cardio Core) instructor.  The energy she brings to the studio is infectious.  She drives you to push yourself further with each class and to trust your body to accomplish things your mind thought impossible.  The change I have seen in my body through Kara’s instruction is incredible.  As an orthodontist, I spend much of my day seated to work on patients and Pilates has increased my core strength to the point where I feel supported and lifted all day.  In addition to the strength and toning Kara’s instruction has helped me achieve, I have also gained a tremendous amount of self confidence and pride in my body.  Kara is always inspiring and encouraging to get you through the days or exercises when your body or mind do not feel up to the challenge.  The impact Kara’s instruction has had on my mind, body and soul has truly been life changing." – Mary Evan Thacker

"I was suffering from lower back pain and had shied away from exercise for far too long when I timidly signed up for private Pilates sessions with Kara.  I was nervous, but she put me at ease right away.  She has a fun personality, but it's apparent that she knows her stuff.  Kara not only helped me make adjustments to my Pilates practice to ensure I keep the pressure off of my lower back, but she made me feel confident about pursuing exercise again.  She guided me through private sessions, and when she felt I was ready, she encouraged me to join group classes.  Kara also knows that I love dance (even though I've never taken a class), and she is working with me in private Barre classes to prepare me for group classes - something I never thought I would be brave enough or strong enough to do.   Kara strikes a great balance between pushing me and giving me modifications when I need them.  She knows I have fitness goals, and I know she cares about helping me reach them." – Abbey Kendrigan

"I am a huge advocate for pilates, especially when it involves helping injuries. I was diagnosed with “s curve” scoliosis over thirteen years ago and was told I would probably need surgery in my early twenties. For almost ten years I have trained with Pilates instructors to help stabilize my core and support my spine. With the help of pilates, my curve has remained the same on the top and decreased on the bottom, enabling me to not have surgery. When I moved to Boston I searched for a studio that had knowledgeable instructors who were passionate about Pilates. At BFX I work with Kara, who is extremely knowledgeable of Stott Pilates and caters each session to my body's needs that day. Further, I am able to supplement my Pilates instruction with personal training. By combining the two styles of exercise I maximize the effects of each." - Chloe Jacobs