My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. I believe in creating an environment where you are free to explore the limits of your body while connecting to your soul through mindful movement. Everyone is a friend, and everyone is welcome. Pilates is connected and disciplined but I love to create a light hearted environment where you can feel free to laugh, make mistakes, ask questions, and develop your self confidence. I believe that the breath is the driving force behind every movement and transition, and that without it, we cannot fully engage to the deep connection of our core. I believe in exploring what the body craves by creating modifications for every client, because after all, we are all unique. There is a wonderful sense of control and centering within the Pilates practice, and concentrating and truly listening to what your body says is crucial in making the most out of YOUR workout.

I am a strict believer in Stott's variation of the basic principles. The breath, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapula stability and mobility, and cervical placement are the basis of everything that we work with. Working in proper form not only protects your spine and appendages, but also ensures that you fully understand and can engage into every exercise, movement, and transition.


Pilates goes beyond a traditional fitness class because although you are lengthening the muscles and extending your line, the exercises themselves are dynamic and challenge your flexibility, posture, strength, concentration and endurance. Come in with an open mind and a sense of humor, and walk out with a better understanding of your body mechanics and how you can apply Pilates to your every day lifestyle.