My Classes

I currently teach in Boston at North End Yoga, Equinox and FLX Wellness at Millennium Tower (residents only). Please follow my Instagram story and posts for the latest updates on my schedule and other topics of interest:

Private Sessions - hour-long private sessions where the practice is developed just for your body and your specific needs. In private sessions, we utilize all equipment including Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels. A postural analysis is completed on the first visit as well as a discussion of past injuries, conditions, workout regimes and future goals. It’s truly a personal experience.

Group Reformer - group classes are designed to provide a well-rounded workout (flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion) to really work all of the major muscle groups and thoroughly connect you to your deep core. Expect less individual attention, but a fun and energetic environment where you are free to explore the limits of your body. An advanced class is available for those with extensive Reformer experience and have mastered the Essential and Intermediate repertoire.

Athletic Conditioning - this is a more accelerated class where we utilize small hand weights, the Tower and jump boards to add in a more dynamic, cardio-oriented feel to class. Normally, taking about 10 group reformer classes is suggested before taking Athletic Conditioning. This is a higher energy, more challenging class that will truly test your core strength and stability! 

Mat - this class is a wonderful way to revisit the basics and challenge yourself without the use of spring tension. I often work with foam rollers, Fitness Circles, balls and resistance bands to create unlimited modifications to the Mat repertoire. This is a fabulous class for those who are intimidated by the thought of jumping on a Reformer!

Barre - Kara is trained in Total Barre™ and currently teaches multiple barre classes each week. Utilizing small hand weights, resistance bands and balls, this ballet and Pilates inspired workout is designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. A cardio element is also added into each class. 

Stability Chair™ - often seen as a more advanced piece of Pilates equipment, students take their Mat and Reformer experience (required) onto the Chair which provides a smaller base of support and further challenges balance, control and proprioception. 

Kick It by Eliza™ - this is a 13 round fitness method that is music driven, sweat inducting and kickboxing inspired. This class is designed to build a sense of community by including partner work.  The founder's philosophy is to empower women in group fitness while expanding her "fempire", #KickItCrew. 

Just for Golfers - As a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Expert in golf fitness, I customize classes for individuals and small groups getting ready for the course.  The program incorporates the TPI evaluation techniques, Pilates, flexibility training and other exercises designed to get bodies and swings in shape!